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"Being angry at the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, in the right way — that is an Art!"
— Aristotle

You have probably heard the popular saying that "it is often not what we say but how we say it..."

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to effectively perceive, express, understand and manage our emotions and the emotions of others.

Success in our personal relationships and in today's workplace demands emotional intelligence.

Not so long ago Daniel Goleman documented an astonishing fact: In order to put your 'dreams into actions' in every field, emotional intelligence matters t w i c e as much as cognitive abilities like IQ or technical expertise. The good news is that we all can develop our emotional intelligence through awareness and guidance.

I can help you to improve your ability to:
• Become aware of what you are feeling in certain situations around other people, in your intimate relationships or at your workplace.

• To express those feelings appropriately to others.

• To be able to tell how others around you feel, whether they like you or not, or whether someone is hiding their real feelings?

• To determine how much you use your emotions in your decision making and how that could be useful.

• To develop your skill to get other people excited about what you believe in

• To be able to deal with difficult people and stressful environments

First, however, you want to find out where you are at with your emotional intelligence

I can offer you the most updated, thoroughly researched 'pure' emotional intelligence assessment in the market. The Genos E.I. explores how you handle your emotions in your relationships or in your workplace. It is available in 2 different versions. If you are exploring your relationship skills the ‘General’ Genos is for you. If you are exploring leadership and communication skills especially within the workplace the 'Executive' Genos is easy to complete within 15 - 20 min. The 18-page report is clear to read and contains very useful development resources. This assessment includes one debrief session and needs to be taken with at least 4 developmental sessions.

Assessment Cost Breakdown:
Assessment (self only) $200
Assessment (self & 360)

'General' Genos — $195 including a 60 min. debrief session.
'Executive' Genos — $250 (self only) including a 1 hr. debrief session.
'Executive' Genos — $325 (self & 360) including a 1 hr. debrief session.

Developmental sessions are negotiable. Please, indicate in which version you are interested in. You can order this transformational on-line assessment by paying through our secure link at PayPal. Please email me for an invitation code.

If you want more details about Genos E.I. or to order an assessment, please call 212.760.4748.

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If you would like to schedule a
30-minute session to find out whether you are ready to change your life, please email me or leave a voicemail at 212.760.4748

To order this powerful on-line assessments through paypal. Please email me for your invitation code.

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