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Feedback on Dreams Into Actions:

Claudia was the driving force behind the launch of my business. Her guidance, insight and dynamic strategy gave me the solid foundation I needed to ignite my idea and turn it into reality. Unlike many coaches, Claudia has had phenomenal success in business herself, so she understands the deep complexities from operations to mind set to ensure success. But what really makes Claudia an incredible coach is her heart centred approach. She's brilliant.
Ingrid Arna, Author and founder of and BodyLove Daily

I had the great pleasure of finding Claudia Bayr-Nobel via the International Coach Federation.  We worked together for several months and during that time, she helped me to distill and clarify the direction in which I want my life/entrepreneurial business to go.  Thanks to her, the following manifestations are taking place:
1.My book is completed;
2. My logo is done and it’s beautiful;
3.My website is in the process of being done.I’ve seen the mock up and it’s amazing;
4.My business cards are on the way...
5.I am set to begin a 16-week business course after which I will have a functional business plan and access to business mentors
I am excited to be on this journey to create the life of my dreams and I owe a big debt of GRATITUDE to Claudia.  THANK YOU!!!-

--Deidre, NYC-


"I approached employing a coach in my life the same way I had with a fitness trainer. In Claudia, I found someone whose personal and daily experience of life was an example of what I too could achieve.

Letting go of the past and of what I saw as missed opportunities, was key to finally getting back on the horse and genuinely being committed to my life dreams. As my coach, Claudia empowered me to move forward with determination and she has inspired in me a willingness to be a winner in all that I put my mind to.

Within weeks of Claudia’s coaching, I was creating a new reality; from quitting smoking, to beginning a full-time career as a photographer. Within 8 months I had secured a position for a weekly magazine in Europe and could look back on the goals we had arrived at months earlier and saw that I had achieved them.

Years of not being able to follow through with the goals I wanted to achieve began to peel away. My drive to win was increased 10 fold. I developed confidence in myself, knowing that I could accomplish all things by incorporating her techniques. She enabled me to get clear about my intentions; generating healthy relationships, and a healthier me. Her approach to ‘getting it done’ was gentle enough that I could see where I was self-sabotaging, and allowed me to actively get back on track. Thank you Claudia!"
— Yiannos,Photographer, Artist New York City


 It has been a great pleasure working with Claudia. Claudia is an attentive and insightful listener who helped me to understand myself better, to trust my feelings more in connecting to others to become a better team leader. I also have gained clarity of my own desires, purpose and goals and created confidence to follow them. I would be pleased to work with Claudia again to unravel any road blocks I could encounter.-- Claire, Int. Marketing Manager and Senior Project Engineer, France

Thank you for your guidance, support and love! I have so appreciated our time together. Our sessions have helped me focus on my health and you have helped me transform my dreams into reality. I want you to know how I feel more grounded and are moving towards my goals. I believe in myself more than ever and know that the universe is ever abundant. I can make my entrepreneurial dreams come true and you helped me see my vision and make a plan to put it in play!
Alison, Make-up Artist, NYC

I was attracted to life coaching as a possible change in careers, and was referred to Claudia by a friend. Her support and encouragement has been invaluable, in helping me to both identify my dream and chart a course for action. I have learned so much from her about myself and my own strength. Coaching is a powerful and life changing experience for anyone interested in pursuing their purpose and realizing their dreams." — Cheryl, NYC

" It was a great pleasure working with you, Claudia. In a short time you have helped me to see how my negative beliefs created blocks in my life. You are a wonderful spiritual being and teacher with great insights. You supported me and helped me cut through my blocks. Thank you Claudia ."
— Marina R. Philadelphia, PA

Claudia has a way of sifting through my cobwebs to allow me to focus on what is truly important to me! Through my sessions with Claudia, I also find that I can better streamline my actions to achieve my goals in a manageable way. She also reminds me of the need to maintain my awareness of the flow and support of the universe so that I can achieve my dreams without stress and at a doeable and yet inspired pace.
— Sherrin Bernstein, Touch Fitness, Informative Bodywork,
NYC & Florida

 "The MAPP test really helped me realize my potential in fields I would have not otherwise considered." 
— Sally T., New York City

" The MAPP assessment was incredible! It was almost eerie how accurate it was."
— Patrica S., New Jersey

"I have made more progress  in just a few weeks than I did with 6 years of private therapy! The  Emotional Intelligence Testing has helped me realize that there is one core problem,  not a million issues that hold me back from becoming all that I can be. I have made tremendous strides in not only my professional but also my private life. I strongly recommend it!"
— Linda S., Westhampton, New York

"Claudia has a way of getting to the heart of the matter such that I totally get it’s my heart I need to trust not the chatter in my head!  She has helped me to understand there's nothing "wrong" with me, and to re-focus my energy on what I really want to create in my life by believing in the new ME"
— Gem, Vancouver

"I come from a tradition where I always had to listen, obey and follow rather than being allowed to express myself and say what I really thought. Most of the time I had learned lessons thru criticism and humiliation. I lived thru my adulthood as a bad communicator. It was not until I met Claudia, my life coach, when I realized how frustrated I was, being a shy communicator and life was a series of misunderstandings. Claudia helped me discover and face my challenge. Now I am happily accepting the challenge and take responsibility for all the negative events that happened in my life. I was never honest to myself, didn’t love and respect myself. Having realized this, I tuned into her positive energy right away and a series of transformations began, her guidance stays with me like the truth brightens all situations that arise. Now I am in peace with myself and have reached a certain level of clarity. Life is an ongoing change from now and only for the better. I am forever grateful. Thank you Claudia!"
— Jean, Brooklyn

"Finding Claudia was one of the best blessings of the summer. She gently guided me to observe the root and the way of my life. Her insights and support continually challenged me to cut through my obstacles and begin to reconstruct my life in the way I wanted. This is exactly what I needed. As a college student, I have received more value in working with Claudia than from any class I've ever had. Everyone deserves to benefit from a personal coach as skilled as Claudia who will bring out our innate human ability to live our dreams. I am truly thankful for her wisdom and loving nature that has kept me focused on building a stronger foundation that will last forever."
— Julie, New York City



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