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• Are you ready to let your ‘Inner Child’ out to play?
• Are you longing to express 'Who You Are', creatively?
• Are you ready to explore your many ‘Selves'?

Our personalities are composed of different sub-personalities, that we usually refer to as 'voices'. These are like little people living inside our head.

What most people don’t understand is the value of these 'Selves'. Most of us try to get rid of them and that won't work. When we start to gain knowledge of each Self and learn about the rules, concerns and history of each Self, we begin to accept ourselves. The knowledge of 'Who We Are' will lead to peace of mind, increased energy and higher productivity.

Other benefits you will gain through Voice Dialogue
are as follows:

• Self-Awareness
• Moving from Reactive to Responsive
• Feeling Balanced
• Acting from a Balanced Point of View
• Feeling Empowered

Voice Dialogue is the brainchild of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone and I received my training through New York Voice Dialogue Institute

For individual sessions, please, contact me at 212.760.4748 or email me at

Client's Experience with Voice Dialogue:
"I had a very fun and informative experience doing Voice Dialogue with Claudia. This exercise allowed me to see with respect, as well as perspective, my inner voices as necessary friends, not enemies and literally create a space in my mind and heart for each one. This has freed me up both to think more positively about myself and to take actions where appropriate. I found I have freed my energy to put my creative ideas into action that was previously tied up with wrestling Hamlet Syndrome, Thank you Claudia!"
Sherrin Bernstein, Touch Fitness Massage

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If you would like to schedule a
30-minute session to find out whether you are ready to change your life, please email me or leave a voicemail at 212.760.4748

To order this powerful on-line assessments through paypal. Please email me for your invitation code.

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